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You ain't gonna give up easy...

Don't go quietly.

19 May 1988
My name is Angie.
I am nothing like you imagine me to be.
I am not like you, and I never will be.
As much as you think you know me, you really don't.
My life is much more complicated than i present it.
I don't flaunt my problems, and I don't care about yours.
I'm very genuine.
I may come off as a bitch, or it might be because I hate you.
I think religion is pathetic and unecessary.
I am probably the most honest person you will ever meet.
I wont lie to make you feel better about yourself,
Everyone deserves the real truth.
I voice my opinion too much.
Don't think I will ever be scared of you, I won't be.
I don't get intimidated, ever.
Bitches be hating because they don't know shit.
If you want to know me, listen and learn, don't assume.
I am not here to impress you or anybody else.
Don't expect me to like you just because your friends with my friends