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Happy 1st Birthday Nathan! [
UPDATED >> Saturday 09/25/10 @ 10:08 pm
[ mood | happy ]

To my baby love,
Exactly a year ago, at 12:06am we officially met for the very first time, what and amazing night we had. Hard to believe its already been a year, and it's been the best year of my life. I swear time does fly when your having fun.

You are the light of my life, it's has been pure bliss watching you grow and learn. From rolling to walking, and talking. From babyhood to becoming the brilliant little boy you are. Listening to your little voice calling for "Momma" and "Dada" and hearing your delighted laugh while you play Chase with your big sister. The day you waved 'bye-bye' for the very first time at grandpa, after weeks of practise. You are definetly grandpa's little buddy, the bonde you two share amazes me. These are memories I'll cherish forever.

You are my heart and soul. I don't think there ever was a little boy so loved. For your birthday, I'll make the same wish for you I made on our very first night together. Happiness, as long as you are happy, I am too. Happy Birthday my little man.

All my love always and Forever

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Love<3Love<3Love [
UPDATED >> Monday 06/21/10 @ 1:07 pm
[ mood | loved ]

Maybe I don't write as much as I use too because I have less to complain about.

Livin my life and Lovin it!

And we LOVED celerating Nathan an Jayes first Daddys Day at Toronto ZOO!

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UPDATED >> Friday 05/21/10 @ 7:25 am
[ mood | happy ]

22 years have brought me along way...

The 19th was my birthday, it was great besides being insanely tired. Nathan woke up early, he must of been excited too. My mom offered to babysit Nathan that night so around 6 we left for Niagra falls wich is only 45 mins away, we had no real plans just too enjoy the night. It was a beautiful day and Niagra is always beautiful.

Nathan will soon be 8 months old. He Sits on his own, got his first tooth, crawls, and stands up and can pull himself around the table. I'm sure he'll be walking within the month he's just that determined. I like to think he gets that from me, haha. Definetly a smart boy, my dad likes to think he gets that from him haha. If there is one thing Nathan does get from us, it's his love for Walt Disney...Mickey Mouse Club House captivates him like no other. Just pure love.

I never thought by 22 I'd have a 7 month old son of my own and a 7 year old step daughter. Then again I never thought I'd meet Jaye or have an such an amazing life either. Its funny how suddenly things change, for the good and bad. Right now is definelty good....hope everyone else can say the same!

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Writer's Block: Turn and face the strain [
UPDATED >> Tuesday 04/13/10 @ 11:41 pm
[ mood | bouncy ]

What is the biggest major life change you've made in the past five years? Do you think it was positive, negative, or neutral?

The last five years i've gone through so many "major" life changes from moving 4 times, deciding to leave school and go to work, getting engaged to Jaye and moving in together. Most recently the birth of our son.

I guess having Nathan has to be the most major change. He seems to fit right into our family, and he is truely our families baby. He is sunshine all wrapped up, how could that not be positive!

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A letter for Nathan... [
UPDATED >> Tuesday 03/23/10 @ 10:57 pm
[ mood | loved ]

My little monkey, you are now 6 months old! From the day you were born you have loved light. Light from the warm sun, light from a lamp...light of any kind really. It's something about that glittery brightness that seems to fascinate you. Sometimes I think you just breathe in that special light because when you smile, you just light up a room. Strangers where ever we happen to be comment on how smiley you are. Your happiness is contageous, you even bring aunty Ashley to smiles and goofy baby talk, and we know how moody she can be! You have brought grandpa more smiles and laughs then I've seen in years. You are the happiest baby boy, my promise to you kept my most loved son.

The last 6 months with you have changed me completely. You make me believe. When I look at you, I think there must be something greater then you and I. There must be a heaven, where else could you have come from? Tonight after we said our prayers, we danced. That slow dance we do as I snuggle you to sleep. Tomorrow morning I will wake up to your smile and know that we will dance again. And we will dance every day after that too...

All my love, forever and always

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Writer's Block: Ten years to the day [
UPDATED >> Wednesday 02/24/10 @ 3:38 pm
[ mood | accomplished ]

What do you expect to be doing ten years from today, and where do you hope to be living?

Ten years from today, honestly I hope it's not all that much different then today. I have a blessed and happy life. I have an amazing son, a loving fiancee and wonderful family and friends. A great job and a comfortable life in one of the best countries in the world.

In ten years I hope I am as generally happy as I am right now. Life will always have it's ups and downs, trials and tribulations. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. In ten years, I hope Jaye and I love eachother as much as we have for the last 2 years, if not more. I know the bond between my son and I can only have grown stronger, I love him more everyday.

We plan to own our own home within the next few years and clear what little debt we have long before ten years has come and gone. I can't wait to watch Nathan grow and enjoy the next ten years!
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A Letter For Nathan. [
UPDATED >> Thursday 01/28/10 @ 10:14 pm
[ mood | content ]

Dear Nathan,
Today you are 4 months and 2 days old. Tonight after I put you to bed you woke out of your sleep crying, as I rocked you in my arms and fed you, you held my hand. Not really trying to hold your bottle, but just to let me know that you were there. As you were drifting off to sleep I swear you peeked at me with the deep blue eyes, before you closed them an smiled one of those huge toothless smiles that melt my heart, all in your sleep. I could of held you all night just to watch you dream happy dreams like that.

I know you are a happy boy, you are always smiling and laughing. You love everyone and nobody can help but love you! I think you expect nothing less. You amaze everyone with how big and strong you are. Already I am starting to see my little baby fade an my bright little boy starting to grow. The world is yours, an I know you plan on doing all that there is simpley because I don't believe anyone could stop you! Your already that determined.

So far I'd like to believe that I've kept my promise to you Nathan, you are happy and want nothing that you don't already own. You have everything! You are the light of mine and daddy's life. All that we do is for you, you are the love of our lives. Nobody could make me smile the way you do!

All my love, forever and always.

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Merry Christmasss! [
UPDATED >> Friday 12/25/09 @ 11:32 pm
I know it seems like i'm not around lots but i do still read this thing haha...

It was Nathans first Christmas and he turns 3 months old today! Crazy how big he is, almost double the size of most babies his age. He was a little clueless being so little. Still had fun though....but next year will be even better! Onto the traditional gift post!

My Parents got me:
-cute betty boop wallet for my new purse.
-matching boots and gorgeous leather gloves for my new winter coat.
-An awsome new Nikon camera with memory card...lots of pics of Nathan!
-A new set of drinking glasses.
-Cute crystal ring
- Ralf Lauren perfume (from my sis)
- New Babyphat winter coat ( from Jaye)
- 200 hundred dollar shopping gift cards (from Jaye)
- 100 dollar gift card (from my Nanny)

Jaye got:
- New winter tires
- Snow brush for the car
- wint gloves
- Axe body spray and deoderant thing
- New house coat
- New pj's and the grinch boxesss..lol from my mother
- chocolates
- a bong (from my sis)
- An awsome Shady shirt
- 100 dollar gift card
- New tekken xbox game

Nathan got like 10 outfits from Akademics, Disney, Roca Wear so cute! And so many toys I couldn't even name half of them! Dinner was great. Turkey with all the good stuff. Nathan spent the day dressed as santa lol. Now onto boxing day shopping!

Hope everyone had awsome holidays.
Can't wait till next year! Merry Xmas everyone! xox
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down the yellow brick road.. [
UPDATED >> Wednesday 11/25/09 @ 4:39 pm
[ mood | contemplative ]

Nathan will be 8 weeks tomorrow. It makes me think back over 3 years ago when i found out i was pregnant with the twins from Alex and how different things were. I was living on my own, taking care of my baby cousins who's mom was dying of cancer. Putting myself through college and still taking care of my dad. And Alex wasn't near done school, or even near stable. I still think i made the best choice, but once in awhile i still feel like i miss them and wonder how it would of been. They would be over two yrs old now. Yet i know i still wouldn't change a thing, if i had done anything differently i wouldn't have finnished school, have such an awsome job. Met Jaye, the love of my life or have my amazing son. Maybe that sounds selfish, but i wanted the best for them just like i do for Nathan. And at that time i couldn't offer them that. How time changes things...

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A Letter for Nathan... [
UPDATED >> Tuesday 11/03/09 @ 10:39 pm
This is a letter I wrote for Nathan today...

Today you are 5 weeks and 3 days old, when I look at you now I am completely amazed. It's hard to believe your already so big, to me you will always be my little baby boy. When you smile at me it melts my heart and I can't help but smile back. When I look at you, I see all the potential you have. You are such a strong and determined little man, I know you will be successful at whatever you put your mind too. When you wrap your little arms around my neck, and doze in my arms I could just hold you and watch you sleep forever, I know soon you will be a big boy and too busy running around for cuddles with mommy. Your daddy loves you so much, and is already so proud of you. You simpley are the best person that has ever come into my life. You drive me to do my best, not only for myself and daddy but for you. I made a promise to you the first night we spent together, that I would always do the best I could for you. To make sure that you would have every oppertunity. I never want you to feel as though you missed out on anything in life. Most of all my biggest wish for you is happiness. As long as you are happy, I will know that I have done my best.
All my love, forever and always.

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Nathan Jaye Peter G. [
UPDATED >> Saturday 10/31/09 @ 4:05 pm
[ mood | jubilant ]

So I'm not dead, infact i'm great and so is Nathan <3
Nathan being my now 5 week old son. Yeah, it's been that long since I've updated anything.
Nathan J.P. was born Sept 26/09 at 12:05 am. 8 pounds.

It's a crazy long birth story, but basically I thought my water broke, but really my placenta had ruptured sending me to delivery where honestly I hated all the nurses and my doctor. I was in labour for 12 hours from start to end. Wasn't bad at all, Nathan had a scare near the end where his heart rate kept dropping with contractions and so he was helped out via vaccum but he was great afterwards. Perfect baby. And thankfully I didn't have a tear or need any stitches, so i felt fine afterwards and recovery was quick.

Haha sorry if that was too much for anyone! lol.

Jaye and I are thrilled with him, most spoiled baby according to his grandparents.

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OMG!!! [
UPDATED >> Friday 05/08/09 @ 1:05 pm
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Ok i know i hardly ever update anymore...work kills me.

But incase you were all curious.

I'm having a baby...


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Baby Jaye Bird [
UPDATED >> Sunday 03/15/09 @ 2:06 pm
[ mood | excited ]

So on Thursday i went and got another ultrasound done...

And theres the little peanut at 12 weeks old!

We cant wait to find out wether its a boy or girl, 8 more weeks until that'll happen though. Jayes convinced it's a boy...He also likes to think it already looks like him if thats possible. lol.

So Happy!

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bringin back old timmmmes! [
UPDATED >> Saturday 02/21/09 @ 3:15 pm
[ mood | bored ]

Is it just me or are maddd people back on the JWC!?

Anyways, i've been visiting it's Indecorously if you dont remember haha!

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Blaaahhh [
UPDATED >> Thursday 02/05/09 @ 3:12 pm
[ mood | calm ]

So i went for my first ultra sound today...

Turns out im only like 7 weeks pregnant which is great an all except everyone had figured i was more like 12. So all you could really see in the ultra sound was a black circle with a twitching grey staticy smudge in the middle. Not to exciting...i hate being disappointed but i was expecting to see something that looked remotely like a baby...since i thought i was 12 weeks. lol.

Oh wellls. Now the due date is moved to Sept 25. which is my moms b-day so shes totally excited about that. Jayes car needs a new Altenator....boo
Im sooo bored working, but yea. Thats life.

Oooh im officially reading twilight, i know im late on these things. I've already seen the movie and finnished the book. Now for the second one...

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ugh... [
UPDATED >> Monday 01/26/09 @ 1:54 pm
[ mood | content ]

So yea...since i have the next two days off with nothing but house cleanning to fill my boredom i finally have time to update!

I feel so fucking HUGE. like i cant even explain. Im only like 9 weeks along but omfg.I feel so bloated. And just fat. Even Jaye said hes noticed it too. Baby bump. ugh...even though i know thats suppose to happen and i will only get bigger its just weird when your not use to the idea. Still happy an excited as ever. Big time diet is going to be needed after the baby though, lol.

So weve decided its Nathan Jaye for a boy and Hailey Marie for a girl. Since Marie is my families traditional middle name for the first girl. And Jaye is actually...Jaye jr. But i didnt want to name my son Jaye jr jr. lol.

First ultra sound docs appointment is Feb 4. So anxious yet excited.

I also adopted a stray kitty that kept hanging around the house. Oddly enough she gets along really well with Jayes pitbull. If anyone could believe seeing a cat an a pitbull curled up together.

My life is so boring and baby related these days. Omg sorry if i sound old an boring now...its depressing lol.

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UPDATED >> Tuesday 01/20/09 @ 1:12 am
[ mood | ecstatic ]

So i havent posted anything in awhile...again.
Huge update though!

Jaye and I recently found out that i was pregnant!
We are pretty excited about it, im 8 weeks along at best guess. The doctors here dont do the first ultrasound appointment until your 11 weeks though, so im anxious for that. Make sure everything is going well, ive of course been trying to be extra carefull ever since i was suspicious that i could be pregnant.

We werent trying trying but we werent not trying either. lol. We are both happy an excited though. So is my family especially my mom. She cant wait to be a grandma. So its looking like ill be a mom at 21!

The names we are considering at this point are Nathan and Derek for a boy, or Haylie and Allison ( Ally as a nickname) for a girl.

Sorry if youve been wondering where i am, i dont go online all that much anymore but i do like to catch up on my friends list! Work keeps me pretty busy, cant believe ive been working at the bank for 6months already. Lifes crazy but good!

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Happy Holidays! [
UPDATED >> Friday 12/26/08 @ 9:44 am
[ mood | loved ]

So onto the traditional Christmas update...

I got:

$50 gift card for walmart to buy my new rug for the apartment
$20 gift card to get my nails done
chanel earrings
new fleecey sheets!
Babyphat perfume

All that was from my lovely parents, and then Jaye got me XBOX 360 wooot.
Rockband! lol.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!


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UPDATED >> Friday 12/19/08 @ 12:09 pm
[ mood | cheerful ]

I have to say even though i know i've written this exact entry and i probably jinx myself everytime but...


i suppose thats why i havent had many entrys lately, just because im so content, things with Jaye are amazing. Makes me so happy,even though i know its still kinda new since we've only been together like 3 an half months. But theres nothing to complain here about, as of yet. Not that im complainning. lol

well..besides the fact that im broke and its Christmas and i havent even bought any gifts yet. With moving into the new apartment, its costs a lot of extra money that i would of used for christmas shopping.

Such is life though.

** Hannah doll, i've searched for you on facebook but i cant seem to find you either! :(

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UPDATED >> Monday 12/15/08 @ 11:28 am
[ mood | happy ]

Soo besides being completely broke i cant really complain :)

But yea, im trying to be somewhat quiet as Jayès beeen working nights 11pm to 7am at work so my sexxxxy baby is passed out beside me lol.

Besides the usual family drama, mostly just fighting with my mom over money she owes me which i need seeing as its christmas not much is happening really, the house is slowly coming along. I wanna go to ikea and buy a few things.

Usually i know what i want for christmas but this year i have no clue. So everything will be a surprise, im kinda looking forward to that though. Isnt that the way Christmas is suppose to be anyways. Jaye wants a GPS system for the car so im thinking on boxing day ill go get him one since theyll be super cheap then.

Over all im happy. Hope everyone is enjoying there holidays!

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